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Lisbeth [userpic]

50 Things To Do Before I Die

January 1st, 2009 (03:53 pm)

This first list was written in 2008. I still need to get my list together for 2009 although these aren't particularly yearly goals just random life goals.

1. Finish the last handful of classes I need for my AA (3 semesters)
2. Sociology degree at Northridge (2 years)
3. Environmental Science/Toxicology degree (depends if I double major or not)
4. Women's Studies minor
5. Law degree (I am thinking environmental law or family law working with battered women)
6. Raise my daughter to become a compassionate activist (she's well on her way with her drawings for the polar bears--SO adorable)
7. Record an ENTIRE album for Mercury Lust
8. I HATE the thought of performing (like singing on stage in front of people, I don't like it much), but I MUST get over it, because if I do, I can go on tour with my husband DAMNIT!!!
9. Cover of a magazine someday since I've already been IN an actual magazine.
10. Travel to certain parts of Asia
11. Travel all of Europe
12. Own a beautiful home on the island
13. Own my own scrapbook business when I'm an little old lady ;)
14. Work out 5-6 days a week on a regular basis
15. Eat VERY healthy and mostly vegetarian
16. Write a book based on my life--I haven't decided if I want to go with memoirs or fiction--prob the latter.
17. Throw fundraisers/parties for St. Jude's Hospital
18. Have another REAL wedding with Ted
19. Get more tattoos (Giant IR logo on neck, and finish my back)
20. 34-24-36 and 115 all the time (21% body fat)
21. Learn how to cook more yummy stuff!
22. Help Giselle to find what she loves...no matter what it is)

23. Own a home
24. A honeymoon with Ted in Paris
25. Learn how to take pics and get together a photographer's portfolio
26. Grow my own food in my garden that I take care of :)
27. More classical training (I sound really awesome singing opera)
28. Design and make my own clothing
29. Swim with dolphins
30. Sonoma with Ted, PLEASE!!!
31. Learn more about Taoism and Buddhism
32. Yoga and Pilates
33. Tour with Ted
34.Be a better friend

35. Learn how to play the piano
36. Learn how to play the guitar
37. Learn how to use my damn sewing machine!
38. Fix my belly (battle scars need to go bye-bye)
39. Learn how to draw
40. Learn how to paint
41. Travel with Giselle and Ted
42. Be less candid online
43. Stop being so disappointed when people let me down, especially catty women
44. Volunteer
45. Make a difference for the environment
46. Make my home 100% eco-friendly
47. Learn about meditation

48. Race cars!!!!
49. Write a collection of short stories
50. Be the perfect wife for Ted :)

This is my list from 2006:

1. Obtain several advanced degrees.
2. Go to law school.
3. Obtain a degree from an art or design school.
4. Own my scrapbook store.
5. Own a home on the island.
6. Own a home in California.
7. Learn to forgive people who just didn't know any better.
8. Travel the world or at least most of Asia and Europe.
9. Record many albums.
10. Travel around Europe with Ted.
11. Make sure that I am able to provide what Giselle needs to go to college.
12. Write books (non-fiction, creative writing, and memoirs.)
13. Pay Ted back for everything that he's done for me... and I mean with money and everything else I can possibly give him.
14. Become more pro-active... more of an activist
15. Learn how to garden and plant my own garden
16. Learn how to crochet, knit, and make my own clothing.
17. Eat 100% organic and healthy
18. Play live shows.
19. More classical training so I can learn opera.
20. Tour with Ted opening up for his band.
21. Learn martial arts (different types would be nice.)
22. Travel the world or at least most of Asia and Europe.
23. Raise Giselle and another child (whether that child be adopted or my own).
24. Donate to St Judes
25. Travel to 3rd world countries to help people who are in need.
26. Learn how to take amazing photography.
27. Have beautiful and artistic photography taken of me.
28. Learn how to play the piano.
29. Swim with dolphins.
30. Learn how to cook: EVERYTHING!
31. Go wine tasting while staying at an inn in Sonoma. Yummy, so romantic.
32. Honeymoon!
33. Have more empathy for the people I love.
34. Be more emotionally mature.

35. Learn how to play the guitar.
36. Get over my stage fright and fear of speaking in front of large groups.
37. Learn more about Buddhism.
38.Tame my anger (GRRRRR!!!!) and willingness to fight, and do something good with it.
39. Become a grand-parent.
40. Become Giselle's best friend.
41. Own turntables (and not have to sell them next time) and learn how to mix records.
42. Race cars!!! VROOOM VROOOM!!!
43. Get plastic surgery!!
44. Send Giselle all over the world.
45. Have a totally balanced life.
46. Marry Ted again
47. Get more tattoos!!!
48. Become pro bono council for battered-women.
49. Travel to Cuba.
50. Travel some of South America.

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